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Furnace Tune Up – Fall & Winter

Special – 18 Point Furnace Tune Up

Make sure that your heating system is working properly to be ready for the cold winter months.

Only $69.

Get a technician from Duncan Home Services do a full 18-point furnace tune up service.

The tune-up will include:

  1. Cycle furnace, check for flue draft and gas leaks
  2. Record temp differences from supply and return air ( temp rise)
  3. Check gas pressure at valve for proper adjustment
  4. Test carbon monoxide in flue and inside home, test customers carbon monoxide tester
  5. Inspect heat exchanger and face plate
  6. Inspect condensate tubes, traps and pump
  7. Check operation of safety limit controls, transformer, elements
  8. Inspect sequencers and relays
  9. Check fan, blower speed and amp draw
  10. Check all electrical connections
  11. Inspect and clean burners
  12. Reading of ignition and sensor
  13. Check control board and fuses
  14. Inspect filter location and advise on how to change it
  15. Inspect general condition of installation
  16. Vacuum entire unit inside and out
  17. Inquire if there are any obstructions in vents, supply or return air
  18. Cycle furnace at thermostat, calibrate if necessary 

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