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Daikin Fit

A revolutionary side discharge system that won’t compromise on comfort.

The Daikin Fit system offers solutions when a traditional cube style cannot. Air is essential to our existence and Daikin’s role and responsibility in enriching it continues to expand. Daikin is devoted, with unbridled passion, to overcoming the everevolving challenges of the air around us.

Why Daikin Fit

Daikin is the World’s No. 1 air conditioning company. Thanks to our constant innovation in comfort, energy efficiency, control and reliability, we define the benchmarks for quality within the industry.


Ideal temperature and low sound levels


Space Saving Compact Design


Operational Efficiencies

Quiet. Space Saving. Efficient. Flexible.

Perfect temperature. Perfect humidity. Perfectly clean and fresh, like just after a rainstorm. And the only thing more perfect than this outdoor scenario is that it’s all happening inside. Because that’s where we work. That’s where we play, where we sleep, where we truly live. And that’s why at Daikin, we aim to make the air inside as refreshing as the outside. Better comfort. Better control and efficiency. Better quality. So you can create your own unique ecosystem. And everyday is perfect. Inside and out.

Smart HVAC system

The Daikin Fit system is a side discharge, smart HVAC system that won’t compromise on comfort and connects to ducted solutions traditional to the unitary market. In a market saturated with expensive high-tiered inverters, the system provides a premium mid-efficiency inverter at an affordable rate. The low profile of the outdoor unit offers solutions when a traditional cube style cannot.

Elevate your comfort expectations

The Daikin Fit system is an inverter unit which runs continuously but adjusts the compressor’s speed to meet the demand. Because it maintains the temperature consistently, your home will no longer feel too hot or too cold.

Going beyond the limitations of the traditional HVAC box

Your home is unique, just like your comfort needs. Although traditional “cube style” systems have been providing comfort for years, they can be cumbersome for certain spaces. The compact size of the Daikin Fit system now offers you a solution so you no longer have to compromise.

More time to spend on the things that matter

If you’re like most families, you want to be comfortable and save money at the same time. When you purchase a Daikin Fit system, you’re investing in state-of-the-art HVAC technology developed to help you meet budget and efficiency goals.

Daikin One Ecosystem

Heating, Air Conditioning & Indoor Air Quality Solutions.

Since the average American spends 90% of their life indoors* and some indoor pollutants can often be 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations**, it is important to live comfortably and take control of the air quality within your home. With the Daikin One ecosystem ***, you can do just that. With solutions to help DETECT, VISUALIZE, and ACT, addressing common indoor air quality (IAQ) issues is possible.

Indoor air quality and comfort concerns are not uncommon. The struggle most homeowners face is not knowing how to address these issues in the best way. With Daikin, your Daikin Pro will work with you to understand concerns, current issues, and other comfort goals to design the best solution for you.

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