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If you’re looking for a dependable Samsung appliance repair service in Indiana or routine maintenance for your appliances, then get in touch with our customer support team at Duncan Home Services. Our skilled technicians will get your Samsung kitchen and laundry appliances functioning once again.

Duncan Home Services goes through a rigorous hiring process to guarantee our repair technicians are reliable, skilled, and have a wealth of knowledge to provide an efficient and quality service. Our licensed specialists will fix your malfunctioning appliances and carry out routine service and maintenance using genuine Samsung parts.

For those who live throughout Indiana, Duncan Home Services can repair and maintain a variety of Samsung appliances. If your machine isn’t cooling, heating, or emptying, get in touch with our customer service team to book a service call. We’ll fix the problem as quickly as possible and get your Samsung appliance working as normal.

Why Duncan Home Services

Duncan Home Services has the expertise to assist you with a variety of broken Samsung appliances.
  • We offer a complete warranty on all of our repairs.
  • We have a 5-Star rating record with thousands of satisfied customers.
  • 24 Hour Repair Service for convenient appointments on your schedule.
  • Our technicians are factory trained and go through a rigorous hiring process.

    If you live in the Indiana area, then give our customer service team a call today.



We know your time is valuable, whether it’s a rental property , your own property, or your business, we will be there promptly, so you can go back to your day, with as little disruption as possible.


Just because our team works fast, does not mean that it isn’t done right. Our technicians are highly experienced and use brand new, original, and high quality parts needed to complete all repair and installations.


Other companies give you the bill when they have finished the repair. With Duncan, you will know the cost of repair or installation, before the job is done, regardless of time took to complete the work.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair

If the food in your Samsung fridge is freezing or spoiling quickly, then contact our customer service team. Duncan Home Services specializes in reliable Samsung refrigerator repairs in Indiana. We service and repair all Samsung models, including french-door refrigerators, stand-alone and built-in refrigerators, freezers, and more.

Some of the common refrigerator problems we fix include:

  • The refrigerator is constantly cycling
  • Your refrigerator is freezing food
  • The ice maker is leaking, jamming, or clogging
  • Drain hose not draining or frozen
  • And a variety of other issues

Our skilled technicians have the knowledge to resolve your Samsung refrigerator problems. Just get in touch with our friendly customer support team today to book one of our limited appointments.

Samsung Washing Machine Repair

A broken washing machine can be a significant source of frustration in your home. So if your washing machine is having difficulty spinning, rinsing, and draining, contact our team for quick and efficient Samsung washer repairs in Indiana.
We frequently fix washing machines with the following problems:
  • The washer won’t spin
  • Washer is making loud noises
  • The washer isn’t draining
  • Worn pump seals or valves are leaking
  • The door or lid won’t open or leaks
  • And a range of other problems
Call us to schedule a repair appointment if your Samsung washing machine experiences any of the issues listed above, then we’ll send a technician to get your washer up and running again.

Samsung Dryer Repair

Burning smells and loud noises are both common symptoms of a defective dryer. If you’re looking for a reputable Samsung dryer repair service in Indiana, then get in touch with our customer support team at Duncan Home Services.

Give us a call if you’re experiencing any of the following difficulties with your Samsung dryer:

  • The dryer is making a thumping noise
  • Dryer stops spinning during the cycle
  • The dryer runs but never heats up
  • Your dryer is burning your clothes
  • The dryer not heating up enough

Each Samsung dryer problem will be diagnosed by one of our qualified technicians, who will have the tools and training to deliver efficient and reliable repairs.

Customer Reviews

What others say about the Call Duncan Team
The first visit from Clarence we found out our two year old Samsung, previously repaired by someone else was not worth repairing; cost of repair more than half a new one. With our questions, he gave us a suggestion for a new one and where to purchase. We did as he suggested after our research supported Clarence’s suggestion. It was installed a day early because Tina and Clarence knew I had not had a dishwasher since before Christmas. Installation was great and a tutorial to be sure I understood everything was welcomed. Great people and great company! Thanks!!!
Karen Bevis, Refrigerator Repair
Justin was fabulous! He is definitely an asset to your team!
Tim A., Fishers, Indiana, Samsung Stove Repair
Great response time, service on time, knowledgeable tech.
G. G. , Pendleton, Indiana, Frigidaire Wall Oven and Stovetop Repair
Clarence had experience with repairing Samsung refrigerators so problem was solved in a timely manner.
Linda M., Refrigerator Repair

Samsung Range & Oven Repair

A malfunctioning stove or oven can be a huge inconvenience and disrupt your daily life. Duncan Home Services can assist you with reliable Samsung range and oven repairs in Indiana so you can get back to preparing delicious home-cooked meals again.

Some of the most prevalent range and oven problems we repair include:

  • The oven won’t turn on
  • Oven door won’t close properly
  • The oven doesn’t heat to the correct temperature
  • Food is coming out burnt
  • And other problems

Our team of skilled professionals delivers quality Samsung range and oven repair services. So to get back to cooking your favorite foods, contact our friendly customer service team to schedule a repair appointment at a time that works best for you.

Samsung Dishwasher Repair

Dirty dishes pile up quickly without a functioning dishwasher. If your dishwasher is malfunctioning, then get in touch with our friendly team at Duncan Home Services for timely Samsung dishwasher repair throughout Indiana.

We regularly repair the following dishwasher problems:

  • The dishwasher isn’t cleaning properly
  • Your dishwasher isn’t draining
  • The buttons on the dishwasher aren’t working
  • Your dishwasher is not filling
  • The dishwasher is making a lot of noise

So if your Samsung dishwasher is acting up, then give our friendly customer service team a call today. Our experienced technicians will arrive promptly and with all of the required tools and genuine parts to get your dishwasher cleaning properly again.

Samsung Microwave Repair Services

Is your Samsung microwave making unusual noises? Or is your food heated unevenly? If so, Duncan Home Services is available for Samsung microwave repairs in Indiana. Our qualified technicians are experts in repairing Samsung built-in microwaves, speed ovens, and microwaves integrated with the oven.

Duncan Home Services can help with the following Samsung microwave repairs:

  • Error messages are displayed
  • The display is malfunctioning
  • The turntable won’t spin
  • If your appliance sparks or makes abnormal noises
  • The microwave does not heat evenly or does not heat at all

So get in touch with our customer service team to schedule a Samsung appliance repair appointment today. Our expert technicians are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and genuine parts to get your Samsung microwave working once more.

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